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Nov 23, 2014
Backpacking Under the Super Moon
David Morrow
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Taken during the Super Moon in August 2014. This particular night there was some nice fog in the valleys. As the Moon rose it cast rays of light into the valleys and gave a dreamy feel to the entire landscape. This was the first night out on a 4 night backpacking trip to summit Hadley Peak, which has some amazing views of Mount Baker & the North Cascades. More info...

Nov 23, 2014
These are the best powder snowboards of 2015 as selected by the staff of Snowboard Magazine
Photo: Tim Peare
More info...

Nov 22, 2014
The Allure of Canoeing Wild Northern Rivers
Cliff Jacobson

Some years ago, a man called to chat with me about a canoe trip in Canada that I was leading for the Science Museum of Minnesota. He said he'd love to go but was put off by the high price. I told him that most of the fee was for float planes that we had chartered. He gasped when I told him the price for ten of us was just under 14,000 dollars!

"Really, Cliff, I can go to the Boundary Waters for next to nothing. Are those Canadian rivers really that much prettier than the BWCA?" More info...

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